Terms of Service


1. Legal Notice
The company BATTERIES FOR PEOPLE, société à responsabilité limitée au
montant minimum de 1000 euros , registered with the Registre du Commerce et des
Sociétés under the number 850032491 RCS PARIS, with the siège social at 21,
place de la République, 75003 Paris, France (hereinafter, “BATTERIES FOR
Director of publication: Guillaume Hebert
Editor in chief: Guillaume Hebert
Webmaster: Guillaume Hebert
Email: support-labellebatterie@batteriesforpeople.com
Web Hosting Service Provider
Société par Actions Simplifiées with a capital of €10;069,020
2, rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix – France
Company registered at the R.C.S de Lille under the SIRET number
APE Code 2620Z
Telephone: +33 (0) 8 90 10 93 91

2. The Purpose of These Terms of Service
The Terms of Service govern the use of the website https://labellebatterie.com .
The Terms of Service constitute the Contract between Batteries for People and the
These rules were enacted in accordance with the law in order to preserve the users’
freedoms and to ensure quality service.
If you do not accept or do not agree with the entire content of the Terms set forth,
please refrain from using the Services.

3. Definition
– “TOS”: refers to the Terms of Service hereof for the Site
– “Batteries For People” or “BFP”: refers to the company Batteries For People
– “La Belle Batterie” or “LBB”: the name given to the service offered on the Site
– “Site”: refers to the website https://labellebatterie.com and, by extension,
any other means of access to the Services (mobile website, mobile apps, etc.)
– “Content”: refers to any text, graphics, image, music, video or other element
that may be posted by a Member and accessible by other Members
– “Services”: refers to all services offered by BFP on the Site, as described in
particular in these TOS or in the FAQ
– “Personal Space”/”Account”: refers to the space accessed by the user thanks
to his/her username and password
– “User”: in the context of browsing the Site and its Content, the User refers to
any internet user consulting or using the Site. This may be an individual or a
person acting on behalf of a company
– “Intellectual Property Rights”: refers to all the literary and artistic property
rights (copyright and neighboring rights) and industrial property rights
(trademark, design and model, and patent) provided for in the French
Intellectual Property Code and in international treaties

4. Content and Services Offered by the Site
The purpose of this site is to:
– Provide information, to individual customers and to businesses, relating to
electric vehicles, and
– Allow any individual User or business wishing to evaluate the state of health
of the battery of their vehicle to be able to purchase the Service proposed on
the Site.
– The offers relating to the products, services, prices and terms and conditions
mentioned on the Site are reserved for individuals and businesses.
The Content on the Site is offered for informational purposes. It is the User’s
responsibility, prior to any access to or use of the Site, to ensure that the Site
corresponds to his/her needs. The Content is periodically updated, and Users are
responsible for regularly checking the Content to ensure that they have the latest
Batteries For People reserves the right to update the Content at any time, a right that
each user accepts by continuing to browse the Site. Batteries For People also
reserves the right to include any advertisements of its choice on the pages of the
Site. Access and use of the Content may be restricted for certain people or in certain

5. Terms of Use:
5.1 Registration on the Site
To use the Services, the User must register on the site by filling out the form
provided for this purpose. As such, the User must provide all the information and
documents marked as mandatory in the registration form. Any incomplete
registration will not be validated.
Registration automatically entails the opening of an account (hereinafter, the
“Account”), which gives access to a personal space (hereinafter, the “Personal
Space”) that makes it possible to manage the use of the Services in such a way and
according to the technical means that Batteries For People judges to be the most
appropriate to provide said Services.
The User attests to the truthfulness and accuracy of the information transmitted by
means of the Services—said information is prohibited from being deceitful,
dishonest, incorrect or misleading.
The User undertakes to update this information in his/her Personal Space in the
event of modifications, so that the Personal Space always adheres to the
aforementioned criteria.
The User is informed and accepts that the information entered for the purpose of
creating or updating his/her Account is proof of his/her identity. The information
entered by the User commits the User upon validation.
The User can access his/her Personal Space at any time after identifying
himself/herself using his/her username and password. The User undertakes to use
the Services personally and not to allow any third party to use them in his/her place
or on his/her behalf, unless he/she bears full responsibility.
The User is also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her username
and password. He/she must immediately contact Batteries For People using the
contact details mentioned in article 2 herein if he/she notices that his/her Account
has been used without his/her knowledge. The User acknowledges Batteries For
People’s right to take all appropriate measures in such a case.
5.2 Liability
Although Batteries For People makes every effort to provide Users with accurate
Content, neither Batteries For People nor contributors to its Site can provide any
guarantee as to the completeness, the absence of errors, the timeliness, the quality,
or the accuracy of the Content. In particular, Batteries For People and its contributors
cannot guarantee the absence of modification by a third party (e.g., virus or
intrusion). Batteries For People and its contributors therefore decline any liability
(direct or indirect) in the event of delay, error or omission regarding the Content and
how anyone may use that Content, and any interruption or unavailability of the Site.
As such, Batteries For People and its contributors cannot be held liable in the event
of indirect damage resulting in particular from any interruption or increase in the
costs of accessing and processing information.
Batteries For People cannot be held liable for any decision made on the basis of
information contained on the site, nor for the use that may be made of such
information by third parties. Anyone wishing to benefit from one or more of the
services and/or one or more products presented on the site is invited to contact
Batteries For People to inquire about the contractual and price conditions applicable
to this (or these) product(s) and/or this (or these) service(s).
Batteries For People and its contributors cannot be held liable for the hypertext links
to other sites and, in particular, cannot be liable for the content of said sites.
Likewise, they cannot be held liable for hypertext links pointing to this Site. Nobody is
authorized to create this type of link without the express authorization from Batteries
For People beforehand. All Users must also refrain from making deep links to the
Site for any purpose, except with the express written consent of Batteries For
Batteries For People and its contributors endeavor to make the Site accessible and
available, as much as possible and within the limits of their constraints—and in
particular the constraints of maintenance and updating of the Site—but can in no
way engage their responsibility in this respect. Furthermore, Batteries For People
cannot be held liable for any difficulty in accessing or using the Site, and more
generally for any disturbance of the Internet network affecting access to or use of the
Batteries For People and its contributors cannot be held liable for items beyond their
control or for any damage that may be suffered by the technical environment of the
User and, in particular, his computer(s), software, network equipment and/or any
equipment used to access the Site.
Batteries For People can in no way be held liable for any damage resulting from a
breach by the User of the TOS, any breach by third parties, or any event beyond its
control such as force majeure . Likewise, under the system of common law and
unless a specific law provides otherwise, Batteries For People cannot be held liable
for any indirect damage.
Batteries For People informs the User that access to the Site or to all or part of the
Content may be restricted for certain people or in certain countries. Batteries For
People can in no way guarantee the Site’s compliance with all foreign legislation. It is
up to the User to ensure that he/she is authorized to access the Site and its Content.
5.3 Suspension – Termination
Batteries For People reserves the right to suspend, at any time and without prior
notice, any User’s access to the Site and/or its Content, in the event of reprehensible
behavior by the User who violates the TOS and in particular the security conditions
announced therein; in the event of a threat to the security and integrity of its
information system; for maintenance purposes; or due to any event beyond its
control, such as in case of force majeure .
Batteries For People reserves the right to interrupt the Site at any time and for any
reason, provided that Users are informed in advance by means of an alert message
published directly on the Site home page.
It is up to the User to implement the appropriate backup procedures for his/her
information in order to archive the documents he/she considers important on his/her
own computer system, and in particular, to take into account the possibility that
Batteries For People may, where necessary, delete certain documents or suspend
all access to the customer space in accordance with the TOS and/or the Privacy
5.4 General
The mere acceptance of the TOS shall in no case have the purpose or effect of
creating any link of employer to employee, franchisor to franchisee, or any other form
of association, partnership or business.
If any one or other of the statements of these TOS is deemed null and void,
unenforceable, irrelevant or inapplicable by any competent court, the statement in
question will then be considered null and void and shall not affect the validity or
continuing operation or enforcement of the other statements of the TOS as a whole.
Batteries For People will endeavor to replace the relevant statement with a new
measure as soon as possible.
The fact that Batteries For People does not enforce one of its rights or does not
require the enforcement of any obligation or responsibility incumbent on any User of
the Site cannot be considered in and of itself as a waiver by Batteries For People of
its rights.
The titles of the articles are only indicative and do not affect the content or
interpretation of the TOS. In the event of a contradiction or difficulty of interpretation
between one of the titles of the clauses and the content of said clauses, the titles are
declared non-existent.

6. Intellectual Property
Batteries For People is the exclusive owner of the Intellectual Property Rights of the
Site and in particular of all texts, comments, publications, illustrations, layouts,
videos and images, whether visual or sound, reproduced on the Site, as well as of
any databases that it has produced.
All these intellectual creations are protected worldwide by copyright, trademark law,
patent law, and sui generis database rights and image rights.
As such and in accordance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property
Code, only the use of the Site for private use subject to different or even more
restrictive provisions of this code is authorized. Any other use constitutes an
infringement and is punishable under the laws governing intellectual property unless
prior authorization has been given by Batteries For People.
Any form of total or partial reproduction or any extraction and reproduction of the
database produced and exploited by Batteries For People on the Site is strictly
prohibited without Batteries for People’s prior written consent, and would be liable to
constitute an infringement within the meaning under Article L 335-2 et seq. of the
French Intellectual Property Code. It is also prohibited to extract, reproduce or reuse,
by any means and on any medium, all or part of the Content without the express
written permission of Batteries For People. The sale, resale, distribution,
retransmission, publication or any other action that aims to make the Content
available to third parties is strictly prohibited.

7. Language, Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
These TOS are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with French law. As
the language of interpretation is the French language in the event of a dispute over
the meaning of a term or a provision of these TOS, the French version will prevail.
In the event of a dispute relating to the Services and the execution of these TOS,
Batteries For People asks the User to inform Batteries For People as soon as
possible by sending a letter or an email to
support-labellebatterie@batteriesforpeople.com ; and Batteries For People and the
User shall then endeavor to seek an amicable solution together.

8. Duration
The duration of the contract is indefinite. The contract becomes effective with regard
to the User upon his/her use of the service.

9. Invalidity of a Clause
In the event that one of the provisions of these TOS is declared invalid or
unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, the other provisions will remain applicable
without change, except in cases where the contract could not stand without said