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Moba App, the ideal road companion for electric car drivers


A connected application to make it easier to use electric cars on a daily basis, while extending their battery life.

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The ideal application for electric car drivers

Checking and maintaining the health of your EV battery.
Control your autonomy and plan complex trips with recharging.
Easy multi-vehicle management for shared fleets.
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Route planning and tracking, battery health monitoring…

Route planning

Precise and flexible.

(Re)discover the electric vehicle journey planning experience. Moba’s algorithms enable ultra-precise consumption prediction and recharge stop planning, thanks to millions of data points collected on electric vehicles in real use.

Route tracking

Connected and reassuring.

By connecting the Moba App to the electric vehicle, your employees benefit from a road companion that recalculates the state of charge and arrival time in real time, and adapts the route and recharging accordingly.

SOH monitoring

Simple and effective.

The first step in maintaining the state of health of the batteries in your managed electric vehicles is to make your employees aware of the issue. Moba App enables you to monitor and understand the evolution of a battery’s State of Health (SOH).

Why choose Moba App for your electric vehicle journeys?

Range management

A good planner needs to take into account the precise consumption of the electric vehicle, according to speed, weather conditions, gradient, battery charge and vehicle characteristics, to guarantee arrival at the destination without running out of fuel. With several million pieces of data collected, the consumption models used by Moba App are among the most accurate on the market.

Route planning

A good route planner needs to be able to calculate the optimum route based on the desired destination and the charging points available on the route. The Moba App algorithm was developed and tested over a period of more than two years, before arriving at an optimal version for the selection of recharging zones.

Real-time adaptation

Planning and reality are two different things, and when driving an electric vehicle, certain unforeseen parameters can have a significant impact on energy consumption. Moba App, the only connected trip planner on the market, enables you to adjust your journey and charging points according to over- or under-consumption, offering a solution adapted to unforeseen circumstances on the road.

You are:

Car remarking expert

Diagnose and certify the battery of any electric vehicle, in less than 3 minutes, thanks to Moba Certify Pro.

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Car dealership

Control your private trade-ins, and improve your buyers’ experience with the battery certificate.

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Car leaser

Check the actual condition of your electric vehicles when they are returned, and control the value of your assets!

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Strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers!

Moba App is designed to be white-labeled, which means it can be customized to display your brand name, logo and color.

By offering your customers a personalized mobile app, you reinforce their trust and interest in your products and services, while enhancing their user experience.

Integrate our functionalities into your apps, thanks to our APIs!

Do you already have an application for electro-mobilists? Enhance it with our route planning and realtime trip APIs!

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Any specific needs?

We develop your customized solution.

Business-specific functionalities, white label… Let’s discuss your needs!