The Moba

Is the range of your electric vehicle decreasing? Are you concerned about the health of your battery ?
Or you just want to reassure a buyer that your battery is in good condition?

The battery is the heart of an electric vehicle, check its state of health

Moba is a reliable and independent solution that allows you to check the State of Health of your battery.

Slide bouton-certificat-la-belle-batterie "Theoretical autonomy"
estimation of the autonomy of a used electric vehicle.
This estimate takes into account the aging of the battery, the outside temperature and the type of trip (urban cycle, highway and mixed)
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certificat moba anglais bouton-certificat-la-belle-batterie "State of health (SOH) 87%"
The State Of Health measures the aging of the battery. A new vehicle has an SOH of 100%
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bouton-certificat-la-belle-batterie "Number of BMS updates"
The BMS is the software which controls the charge and discharge of the battery pack. It should be regularly updated
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bouton-certificat-la-belle-batterie "Warranty" The battery may be under manufacturer's warranty, allowing replacement or repair in the event of rapid degradation
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What the certificate has to offer

The certificate includes a complete report on the electric car battery :

- The SoH (State of Health) of the battery

- Other important indicators to help you understand your battery's health

- Theoretical autonomies under different driving conditions

The certificate provides you with essential information when selling or purchasing an electric vehicle.

Getting your Moba certificate is quick and simple!

The Moba certificate is accessible everywhere in Europe, for only € 49. Test your car battery yourself. No worries! Thanks to our Kit and our dedicated mobile app, 5 minutes are enough to test your battery! Forget about the trip to the garage and the extra service fees!

Certify your electric car battery

Order your Moba Kit, test your electric car battery, and receive your certificate.