Privacy Policy


1. Preamble
Respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data (“personal data”) and how
it is used are very important for Batteries For People. Batteries For People (BFP),
through La Belle Batterie, offers a testing and certification service for the state of the
battery of an electric vehicle. To do so, Batteries For People collects some of your
personal data via its website (“website”).
When you use our services, you entrust us with a part of your personal data; and we
understand how important that trust is.
The term “personal data” refers to the information that you agree to transmit to
us—in this case, it is information about your vehicle, your traction battery and, in
some cases, your geolocation or other data likely to be reasonably associated with
such information.
BFP undertakes to comply with the legislation in force regarding the protection of
your privacy as it relates to the automated processing of Data—in particular, French
law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms
(hereinafter the “Data Protection Act”) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the
European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural
persons with regard to the processing of personal data (the General Data Protection
Regulation, or GDPR) (hereinafter referred to together as the “Applicable
By accessing the Site and/or the App and/or by using one of the services offered by
BFP (hereinafter the “Services”), the User accepts that his/her Data will be collected
and processed under the conditions and procedures set out below.
You will find here the complete list of personal data collected, how Batteries For
People uses that data, and how you can access, update, manage and delete it from
our servers.
This Privacy Statement constitutes part of the terms of service of this website. Your
use of the Services is conditional upon your accepting the terms of service and the
Privacy Statement. The User must therefore refer to the latest version of the Privacy
Policy before navigating the Site.
For a portion of the personal information, you can choose whether or not to share it
with us in the app settings..
For any questions about the collection and/or use of your personal data, contact us
at: .

2. Identity of the Data Controller
The entity responsible for processing users’ data is Batteries For People, a société à
responsabilité limitée au capital variable , whose headquarters are registered at 21,
place de la République, 75003 Paris, France, and which is registered at the R.C.S.
de Paris under the SIRET number 85003249100019.
The Data is stored mainly at the host of the site OVH Gravelines, Route de la Ferme
Masson, 59820 Gravelines, France.

3. Data Collected
You will find below the list of personal data that we collect when you use our website
as well as when you perform a test of the state of health of your battery using our
Information provided by the user:
Account information: This is the information requested when a user creates an
account and the information the user provides in his/her personal space, should
he/she decide to create one—i.e., first name (= given name), last name (= family
name), email address, billing address, and delivery address. Incorrect, incomplete or
obsolete information may make it impossible for you to access the Services or to
receive your battery certificate.
Ordering information: When you order your battery certificate, you must provide
information about your vehicle—i.e., license plate number, make, model, version,
date of first registration and mileage, as well as a pdf or jpeg version of your vehicle
registration document, from which we retrieve the VIN. Should you decide to order
your battery certificate without creating a personal account, you will also need to
provide your first name, last name, email address, billing address, and delivery
address. Incorrect, incomplete or obsolete information may make it impossible for
you to access the Services or receive your battery certificate.
Information we collect when you use our Services:
Information collected during the test: When you carry out the diagnostic test of your
vehicle, we collect the information that will be present in the certificate and is
necessary to edit your certificate—i.e., the vehicle’s VIN, the battery identification
number, the vehicle’s geolocation in the form of GPS signals (associated with the
date and time) and the vehicle’s mileage.

4. Purposes
To provide our Services:
We use the data that is collected or transmitted in order to provide you our Services.
For example:
– Your delivery address allows us to send you our La Belle Batterie Kit, which is
essential for us to create your battery certificate and the paper version of your
battery certificate.
– Your geolocation is collected so that the place and date of the test can be
indicated on your certificate.
– Your car’s VIN, which you provide us when you place your order and which is
collected during the test, allows us to guarantee that the test is carried out on
the right vehicle.
To maintain and improve our Services:
La Belle Batterie aims to develop their expertise in the assessment of aging in
traction batteries so that it can provide you services that are better suited to your
needs and expectations. For example:
– We collect the date your vehicle was first registered, your geolocation and the
date of the battery test to better understand the relationship between the use
and age of a vehicle and the condition of its battery.
To provide tailor-made services and to communicate with you:
Your data that is collected allows us to provide you with better and more efficient
customer service. It also allows us to contact you (e.g., to remind you to carry out
your test or return the loaned box).

5. Data Recipient
Batteries For People does not sell or rent your personal data to third parties.
Batteries For People does not share your personal data with others without your
permission, except for the following purposes and to the extent necessary, at
Batteries For People’s sole discretion and in good faith:
– In the event that Batteries For People considers that you are in breach of their
terms of use or sale, Batteries For People may share your information with
any law enforcement agency or any competent authority, as well as with third
parties who may have to deal with the consequences of any wrongdoings that
you have committed,
– If Batteries For People considers that sharing or disclosing your personal
information is required by law,
– In the event of a dispute, legal proceedings or other litigation between you
and Batteries For People,
– In the event that Batteries For People considers that disclosing your personal
information is necessary to secure the rights, the property of Batteries For
People, its customers or the public,
– If Batteries For People reasonably believes that you are breaking the law,
– Batteries For People may also share your information with companies linked
to or affiliated with Batteries For People, such as its subsidiaries, sister
companies and parent companies,
– To collect, store, retain, and manage your personal information through
servers based or hosted in the cloud, or through a third party or a party
affiliated or linked to Batteries For People, which may be located in Europe,
– We also work with leading service providers, helping us to better understand
the way our clients and users interact with our Services,
– Personal information may also be shared with suppliers or trusted partners of
Batteries For People so that they can process it on our behalf, based on our
requests and instructions, and in accordance with this privacy statement.

6. Data Security
In accordance with Applicable Regulations, BFP makes every effort to process the
Data with utmost security and confidentiality. More specifically, BFP implements the
necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and
confidentiality of the Data collected and processed—and in particular to prevent the
Data from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third
parties—by ensuring a level of security adapted to the risks associated with the
processing and the nature of the Data to be protected, and taking into consideration
the technological level and cost of such implementation.
BFP cannot, however, guarantee the confidentiality of Data made public by the User.
The Services may include links to websites or external sources. The User
acknowledges that the Policy only applies to the use of the Services, and in no way
covers the Data that is collected and/or processed on external sites or sources, the
link to which may appear on the Services. Consequently, BFP cannot be held liable
for the practices of these sites or external sources with regard to the collection and
processing of personal data, which is governed, where applicable, by the personal
data policies specific to each of these external sites or sources.

7. Retention Period
BFP undertakes not to retain Users’ Data longer than the time strictly necessary to
achieve its purpose and in accordance with relevant regulations.
BFP undertakes to archive, anonymize and delete the Data as soon as the purpose
or retention period expires.
The maximum retention periods apply unless a request to delete or terminate the
processing is made before these periods expire. However, at the end of these
periods, the Data may be subject to intermediate archiving in order to meet our legal,
accounting and tax obligations.

8. Data Rights
Articles 14 to 22 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of
the Council of April 27, 2016 give the User the following rights:
– A right of access to the Data,
– A right to rectification of the Data,
– A right to object to the collection and the processing of the Data,
– A right to erasure of the Data,
– A right to restriction of the collection and the treatment of the Data, and
– A right to portability of the Data.
The User also has the right to provide instructions relating to the retention, erasure
and communication of his/her Data after his/her death.
The User can exercise his/her rights by sending a request:
– by sending an email to
specifying the subject of the request,
– by sending a request via the contact form on the website or in the app, or
– by sending a letter via post to the following address: Batteries For People, 21
place de la République, 75003 Paris, France.
The User is advised that the exercising of certain rights, in particular objection and
erasure, may restrict or prevent access and/or use of the La Belle Batterie’s

9. Cookies and Trackers
A tracker is a cookie, a beacon, a tag, an invisible pixel or any other system capable
of storing and/or collecting information relating to the navigation of the User’s
terminal (i.e., computer, tablet, etc.) and/or the User’s activity relative to the
advertisements displayed on the Services, subject to his/her agreement and unless
he/she has objected.
Types of data collected:
A single tracker, known as a “connection tracker,” is used at this stage, and only
when the user registers. This allows users to be authenticated without having to
re-enter their password.
The User’s choice:
A banner informs internet users of the purpose of cookies when the users access the
website for the first time; users can refuse or accept the cookies.
The User can at any time express and modify his choice in terms of trackers.
The User can configure his/her browser so that trackers from BFP or third parties are
saved or rejected, on either an ad-hoc or definitive basis.
It is possible that any given setting is capable of modifying and/or restricting access
to and use of the Services.
BFP declines any responsibility concerning the consequences relating to the
degraded operation of the Services resulting from the impossibility for BFP to record
or consult the trackers that have been refused or deleted by the User but that are
necessary for the operation of the Site.
In order to exercise his/her choice for the different browsers, the User can consult
the following pages:
– Internet Explorer™:
– Safari™:
– Chrome™:
– Firefox™:
– Opera™:
The User can also configure his/her browser (via a “Do No Track” option) so that it
sends a code indicating to websites that he/she does not wish to be tracked. For:
– Internet Explorer™:
– Safari™:
– Chrome™:
– Firefox™:
– Opera™:
If the User wishes to obtain more information about cookies and other trackers, or
about his/her rights, and how to block trackers, he/she can consult the site or the site of the CNIL at the address (in French).