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Greater transparency on the trade-in and resale of electric vehicles, regardless of make


With the advent of the electric vehicle, your ability to adopt the right tools and communicate effectively will be decisive in guaranteeing your customers’ satisfaction.

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Moba help you make the transition to electric vehicles

Control the trade-in value of your private customers' electric vehicles, whatever the brand.
Reassure your VO customers about the state of health of the batteries in your used electric vehicles.
Optimize your customers' digital experience by providing them with the right information for their electric car adverts.
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Moba Certify Pro

With Moba Certify Pro, it’s now possible to diagnose any battery quickly and easily from your smartphone, in just a few clicks.

This innovative solution enables you to carry out diagnostic operations without having to mobilize your workshop. Your sales staff and trainees can use the application in the presence of the customer.

Did you know?

By 2024, the European car fleet will include over 11 million electric vehicles. The automotive distribution sector must therefore adapt to meet new consumer needs.

Why go electric now?

Ecological awareness

The market for electric vehicles is growing fast. Consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, and are looking for sustainable alternatives to gasoline-powered cars. Sales of electric cars are increasing every year, and automotive distributors need to adapt to this trend to remain competitive.

New needs

The maintenance and repair of electric cars is different from that of gasoline-powered cars. Car dealers must therefore be prepared to offer specialized after-sales service for electric cars. For example, electric vehicles require special skills for battery diagnosis and repair, as well as for charging systems. Dealers must therefore train their staff to acquire the necessary skills, and invest in the infrastructure needed to accommodate these new types of vehicle.

A strong political will

Government policies to encourage the transition to more sustainable transport, such as electric cars, can have an impact on the automotive industry. Tax incentives, subsidies for the purchase of electric cars and emissions standards can influence consumer demand for electric vehicles. Distributors therefore need to be aware of these policies and adapt accordingly to meet current regulatory requirements.

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Any special needs?

We develop your customized solution.

Business-specific functionalities, white label… Let’s discuss your needs!

Moba Certify Pro

Diagnose and certify the battery of any electric vehicle, in less than 3 minutes, thanks to Moba Certify Pro

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Moba App

Establish a long-term relationship with your customers, by providing them with an everyday application for their electric vehicle, under the Moba brand or white label.

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