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Control the trade-in value of your electric vehicles


The battery is the main component of an electric vehicle. It determines its value and performance.

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Diagnose the battery of your electric vehicles when returning them:

Overcharge for excessive battery damage, and encourage virtuous use
Optimize the resale value of your electric vehicles, whether to dealers or private customers
Optimize your residual value grids using real data on the condition of batteries at the end of the leasing contract.
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Moba Certify Pro

Diagnose any traction battery, anywhere, in just a few clicks, from your smartphone.

The mobile application for operators has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. For example, you can connect to a team simply by scanning a QR code, or by using a diagnostic box associated with that team. On average, it takes just 2 minutes to complete an end-to-end diagnosis.

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Do you entrust your inspections to one or more companies?

Our solution is designed to enable you to entrust the diagnosis of your electric vehicles to third-party companies, such as reconditioning centers or inspection companies.

For example, we work closely with Macadam on a European level, to diagnose the batteries of some of our rental customers.

Of course, even if your battery diagnostics are carried out by other companies, all your certificates remain centralized on your SaaS Business Dashboard.

Did you know?

Over time, battery performance declines, resulting in a significant loss of range for the vehicle. This phenomenon, known as battery ageing, can be very significant even after just 3 years of use. Above all, the ageing process varies from one vehicle to another, depending on how it is used. As the traction battery represents a significant proportion of the total value of an electric vehicle (at least 30%), it’s easy to see why its state of health can have a major impact on the value of a used EV.

However, it is possible to considerably slow down battery deterioration by adopting virtuous driving, recharging and storage practices… as long as you have the right tools to do so.

Moba App

With Moba App, facilitate your customers’ transition to more sustainable mobility and give them the tools to take care of their electric cars and preserve the value of your assets.

Moba App is the must-have application for electric car owners looking to adopt virtuous driving and preserve the health of their battery, while benefiting from a reliable and efficient road companion.

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Any specific needs?

We develop your customized solution.

Business-specific functionalities, white label… Let’s discuss your needs!

Moba Certify Pro

Diagnose and certify the battery of any electric vehicle, in less than 3 minutes, thanks to Moba Certify Pro

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Moba App

Establish a long-term relationship with your customers, by providing them with an everyday application for their electric vehicle, under the Moba brand or white label.

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